Peace Hill FX SSS + Vemuram Butter Machine - Live Demo

During my last trip to Japan for the Sound Messe Osaka, I had the pleasure of meeting Koji Tagaki, the manufacturer of Peace Hill FX (, in person. On this occasion, he offered me a Peace Hill FX SSS preamp, which I used for the FAQ of May 15, 2024. As I'd also bought a

Here is three videos recorded with the amazing ODS Tube Preamp from Peace Hill FX ( The Les Paul type guitars used for the review are two Panucci instruments, one with P90 and one with humbuckers. The third guitar is a Suhr Classic S. This Japanese tube preamp is a joy to play! Once you

Palmer ILM, analog speaker simulator and DI box: a guitarist's best friend

It doesn't happen so often, with all the gear that passes through my hands, that I think this time I'm holding something special. A DI box that does analog speaker emulation probably doesn't make you dream, but you might change your mind after seeing this test of the Palmer ( River ILM model! Many thanks