Henning Pauly alias HP42 interview at NAMM
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Henning Pauly alias HP42 interview at NAMM

Always an entertaining moment to bump into my buddy Henning Pauly (chaine YouTube), the ebullient German youtuber was back at NAMM after a few years' absence. Here's a quick interview with him. Henning Pauly interview Until the next interview or gear review, keep on playing the guitar! Pierre Journel. For more info:NAMM Reports & InterviewsHenning

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NAMM 2024, Day 1: Report & Interviews

Day one at NAMM, with no fewer than 8 interviews conducted in the show aisles! Suffice to say, it was a very intense and exciting day. Here's the full report. Interviews of the day Reports: Day 0 / Day 1 / Day 2 / Day 3 / Day 4 NAMM 2024, Day 1 Until the

Songwriting in 50 hours of lessons? Henning Pauly and Rafel Cano in interview to decide!

I've known Henning Pauly for years since I've seen him at almost every show except the NAMM where he decided not to go anymore. You probably also know him because his videos on YouTube are a must. Well, this time Henning decided to share his knowledge of songwriting by putting together a 50+ hour course

Henning Pauly, interview with the German youtuber and 42 Gear Street convention organizer

Henning Pauly is the well-known German youtuber (YouTube channel). He is also the organizer of the 42 Gear Street convention which gathers in his village of Weilburg about twenty guitar youtubers from all over the world and about twenty brands. One of my objectives in participating in this event was to do an in-depth interview

42 Gear Street, video report and interviews of day 3 and debriefing #42GSFour

This is the report and interviews from Saturday, August 20, 2022, the third day of Henning Pauly's 42 Gear Street event in his village of Weilburg, 60 km from Frankfurt. As it is the last day where The Guitar Channel is present on site, I make a debriefing of this German stay. Spoiler : it

42 Gear Street, full video report and interviews of the second day of the event #42GSFour

As intense and tiring as the first day was, Friday, August 19, 2022 was a blast. Everyone is starting to find their marks, all 3 studios are shooting videos at full speed for this 42 Gear Street event! Summary of the full article reserved for premium subscribers : 42 Gear Street - Day 2 report

42 Gear Street, launch of the Henning Pauly event and full visit of the amazing video studios

Just back from vacation, I'm back on the road with my camera in hand to answer the invitation of German youtuber Henning Pauly (aka EytschPi42 on YouTube). Here is the report of the launch of the 42 Gear Street event which officially starts tomorrow until Sunday. Summary of this article: 42 Gear Street vlog of

42 Gear Street by Henning Pauly : The Guitar Channel at the 4th meeting between youtubers and brands

The well-known German youtuber Henning Pauly (aka EytschPi42 on YouTube), who you've probably already seen several videos of, is organizing for the 4th time the 42 Gear Street. It is an event where the big guitar gear youtubers and the brands meet, network and shoot videos. It will take place in the small village of

Guitar Show Italy in Padova, day 1 on a gorgeous sunny Saturday

The Guitar Show (guitarshow.it) of Padova opened its doors to the public on Saturday, July 11, 2021 during a beautiful sunny day. With a hundred of exhibitors there was plenty to do! In this video blogging I take you to visit the booths and make some surprise interviews. The guests of the day are: Guitar