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Lynyrd Skynyrd's Free Bird is a monument to Southern Rock. Its Slide guitar intro is as beautiful as it is memorable. As the tempo is not very fast, it's an excellent exercise in sound quality and accuracy. Free Bird Slide guitar intro Recording of a work session from April 15th 2024: Setup To record the

Dylan Adams, interview with America's slide guitar phenomenon

Dylan Adams (chaîne YouTube) is an American musician, very, very good at slide, whom I discovered via Rhett Shull. This year at NAMM 2024, I came face to face with him on the Martin booth, where he was also watching Josh Smith and Kirk Fletcher jam acoustically. Here's a minute interview with this great slide

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Wood or marble for your slide guitar? Listen and decide!

A few months ago, I discovered Dylan Adams (YouTube channel) in a Rhett Shull video. This prompted me to put a slide back on my pinky. While I was at it, I recorded a video to document my progress, with two different slides. Here's what it looks like on video after just a few hours'

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Ariel Posen guitar in hand interview about his album

It was a blast to record this interview with the Canadian musician Ariel Posen ( His new album Headway is will be released on March 5th 2021. It is full of great songs with some awesome guitar playing. During this guitar in hand interview, Ariel Posen speaks about his composition process, how he records, how

Sonny Landreth interview in Paris after the Jimmy Buffet shows

Sonny Landreth is a fabulous guitarist that I've seen many times on the stage at the Montreal Jazz Festival when I lived in Canada. He was in Paris as a side man for the American singer Jimmy Buffet for 3 concerts at La Cigale. Here he is being interviewed in a big Parisian hotel just

Here's the full length interview of Derek Trucks done right before the Paris concert at the Olympia of the Tedeschi Trucks Band.


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