Daiya Tezuka and Shingo Hirano from Vemuram in interview at the Sound Messe Osaka

It was at the Sound Messe show in Osaka, Japan, that I had the incredible opportunity to meet and interview Daiya Tezuka and Shingo Hiran from Vemuram (vemuram.com). Such encounters are clearly one of the advantages of making the investment necessary to cover such far-flung shows. The Guitar Channel, the media that travelsthe most for

Palmer ILM, analog speaker simulator and DI box: a guitarist's best friend

It doesn't happen so often, with all the gear that passes through my hands, that I think this time I'm holding something special. A DI box that does analog speaker emulation probably doesn't make you dream, but you might change your mind after seeing this test of the Palmer (palmer-germany.com) River ILM model! Many thanks

Pedal Review - Vemuram Jan Ray overdrive

The model Jan Ray overdrive pedal from the Japanese manufacturer Vemuram is the star of this video gear review. I found that this pedal sounded remarkably well with a great response to the playing dynamics. Judge for yourself via the video below. Vemuram Jan Ray overdrive video Until the next interview, keep on playing the