The Strat In The Attic: a fascinating book about Vintage guitar stories

There is a good chance that in one way or another you will have seen the superb cover of the book The Strat In The Attic during your wanderings in cyberspace. Indeed the book written by Deke Dickerson is illustrated by a superb image which necessarily gives rise to lots of fantasies in our minds of guitar enthusiasts. Who has never dreamed of finding a fabulous guitar forgotten in a dusty attic, at a pawnbroker or during a garage sale? .

No it is not yet another book about Vintage guitars more beautiful and more inaccessible than one another. It is actually a collection of stories telling how the author (or other people) hunted instruments after many adventures.

The Strat In The Attic: a fascinating book about Vintage guitar stories

What I enjoyed the most

  • The wonderful stories told
  • The beautiful illustrations and pics or rare photos
  • Good writing style

What I enjoyed the least

  • Sometimes I wish I was born in the US to have those kind of opportunities (even though I am pretty sure the same kind of tales could be told for Europe!)


There is already a beautiful library of guitar books at the headquarters of The Guitar Channel with notable works such as The Beauty of the Burst (specializing in Les Paul), essays on luthiers such as Guitar Makers and others. The Strat In The Attic tackles the exciting subject of the Vintage guitar by making you live the search for an instrument that spreads in some instances over several years.

Yes it talks about Strat of 1954 and beautiful Les Paul sunburst but there are also equally exciting stories on six strings beauties less in light like Bigsby guitars and such.

I promise you beautiful evenings of reading with this book!

Good reading,


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