CAD and CNC as the Camera Obscura – By luthier Ulrich Teuffel

During the 2016 EGB (European Guitar Builders association) symposium, the luthier Ulrich Teuffel gave a conference about CAD and CNC as used in the guitar building domain. His conference was titled: CAD and CNC as the Camera Obscura.

The symposium took place during the two days prior to the 2016 edition of the Holy Grail Guitar Show.

Ulrich Teuffel website:

Introduction of the conference

For the industries CNC is just a production system. But it can be much more: When Vermeer painted his View of the City of Del# in 1660 he used a Camera Obscura to translate the complex setup of perspective and shadows into his painting as never seen before.

For a guitar designer or builder CAD and CNC can be this Camera Obscura in his/her creating process. To me CNC is not about saving production time: it is about enabling. I want to discuss the practical approach and the parameters of this system. Which software and which type of machine is adequate for a guitar maker? How much does it cost?

Video of the conference

CAD and CNC as the Camera Obscura - By luthier Ulrich Teuffel

The full video is reserved to the Backstage Pass owners and the EGB members

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