In 2021, the Boutique Amp Distribution factory where Friedman amps were manufactured burned down. I had the opportunity to propose you a visit during a stay for the NAMM. One year later the new factory is operational for the production of Friedman ( amps but also Soldano, Tone King, Morgan, Synergy and Wampler pedals. Here

Dave Friedman and Sammy Boller visit in Paris, France - Vlog

The tube amp guru Dave Friedman behind the brand Friedman Amplification which builds amps, guitars and pedals was in Paris, France with the amazing Sammy Boller as a demonstrator. It was a great opportunity to record a video blogging as well as interviews with Dave and Sammy. Thank you to the amp store L'Ampli à

Dave Friedman interview - Friedman Amps - 2019 Winter NAMM

Dave Friedman of Friedman Amps is a great gentleman in the world of amps and more recently that of pedals and guitars. The Guitar Channel offers you an interview with him in his booth full of amps during the 2019 Winter NAMM. Dave Friedman interview Until the next interview, keep on playing the guitar! Pierre