Get Money For Nothing from @FreddJudge and @JMBExperience

On the interview above Judge Fredd presents the Money For Nothing pedal he has developed with JMB Experience to obtain the famous Mark Knopfler sound on the Dire Straits song Money For Nothing and more.

Last year Fredd introduced also with JMB a great overdrive pedal called the Riff Shooter, the Money For Nothing has some great potential to produce not only the trademark tone but also plenty of other cool tones. Check-out the demo below to listen for yourself.

Features of the Money For Nothing pedal

Similar to the Riff Shooter, this pedal has two sections : the first one controlled by the top row of buttons (Vol, Tone, Drive, Voice) and a second one for the filter controlled by the big silver central button to choose the frequency of the filter and a volume pot to choose the mix of the effect.


Note that the two sections are selectable independently from each other. So you can apply the filter section to a clean tone without the overdrive section engaged for example.

Another cool feature: the soft switching. This is a type of switch used on this pedal to turn on and off the drive and filter section. This allows a super silent operations even with high gain settings and the filter engaged.

Demo of the pedal

Gear used for the review:

You can buy this pedal (219 € or $280) online from JMB Expérience and in Paris at Guitars Addicts or Valve House Music.


PS: thanks a ton to Georges Haymann from Guitars Addicts who let us use his test room to record the videos.

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