Heike Matthiesen interview (@gitarra): high class classical guitar playing

For the second time I had the pleasure of interviewing Heike Matthiesen. We talked about her new album Serenade, her guitar playing, her use of the Internet in her career, the evolution of the classical guitar and many more.

As Heike is very advanced in her use of the Internet, I found interesting to examine in depth this subject because I think her example is to be followed seeing the results she is getting to play more and to sell her albums.

This interview is available in video on YouTube (see player below) and as an MP3 file in the podcast feed.

HeikePJ HeikeSerenade

Extracts from the album Serenade played before the interview :

  • Pianto dell'amante
  • Preludio Chopin op.15
  • Secondate,aurette amiche ( Mozart, Cosi fan tutte)
  • Grands variations sur Don Juan op.6



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