Guitar Summit 2022, Thursday report by our special correspondent Stéphane!

Great first for The Guitar Channel because of a wedding in my family this weekend, I send a special correspondent in my place to cover this 2022 edition of the Guitar Summit (! It is therefore Stéphane Bertrand, whom I warmly thank in passing, who will report on this German guitar show that has become

Glenn Fricker interview with the Spectre Sound Studios founder at 42 Gear Street

Glenn Fricker is a Canadian youtuber who participated in the 42 Gear Street 2022 convention organized by Henning Pauly. Here is the founder of Spectre Sound Studios (YouTube channel) being interviewed in one of the studios provided during the event. Glenn Fricker interview Until the next interview, keep on playing the guitar! Pierre Journel.

Of course there is a particular context around Ukraine for several months but Valiant Guitars ( offers above all top level boutique electric guitars. It was during 42 Gear Street that I had the pleasure to discover these instruments made next to Kiev and to have Max and Igor tell the story of this small

Leigh Fuge interview with a British youtuber at 42 Gear Street

Leigh Fuge ( is a British guitar youtuber and pro musician who was present at the 42 Gear Street event organized by Henning Pauly. Here is in interview in Henning's garden in Weilburg, Germany. Leigh Fuge interview Until the next interview, keep on playing the guitar! Pierre Journel.

Yamaha RevStar guitars, first impressions at 42 Gear Street with Krenar Cilku

At the 42 Gear Street event organized by Henning Pauly at his home, it was possible to use one of 3 crazy video studios in turn to record videos. The first day was the brand day. So I found myself with the very nice Austrian youtuber Krenar Cilku (YouTube channel) that I had met the

Andy Ferris, interview of the British guy better known as The Guitar Geek

Andy Ferris was part of the happy band of youtubers present at the 4th edition of the 42 Gear Street convention. Andy is better known as The Guitar Geek (YouTube channel), here is an interview with him conducted in one of the studios provided by Henning Pauly for the event. Interview Andy Ferris aka The

Volta Custom Electronics pedals, interview with the builder Salvatore di Pietro during 42 Gear Street

During the 42 Gear Street event, I had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing Salvatore di Pietro, the builder behind the Italian boutique pedal brand Volta Custom Electronics ( The products they offer sound great, they are in the Amp-in-a-Box category. You can find several types of sound like your usual Marshall, Fender and also

Nathaniel Murphy, aka ZeppelinBarnatra on Instagram, interview at NAMM 2022

One of the really great encounters at this 2022 edition of NAMM was with Nathaniel Murphy. If you're on Instagram, you're bound to have stopped by his solo guitar instrumental covers on his @ZeppelinBarnatra account. Nathaniel actually explains in this interview the origin of his strange Instagram name. Nathaniel Murphy interview Until the next interview,

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Henning Pauly, interview with the German youtuber and 42 Gear Street convention organizer

Henning Pauly is the well-known German youtuber (YouTube channel). He is also the organizer of the 42 Gear Street convention which gathers in his village of Weilburg about twenty guitar youtubers from all over the world and about twenty brands. One of my objectives in participating in this event was to do an in-depth interview

42 Gear Street, video report and interviews of day 3 and debriefing #42GSFour

This is the report and interviews from Saturday, August 20, 2022, the third day of Henning Pauly's 42 Gear Street event in his village of Weilburg, 60 km from Frankfurt. As it is the last day where The Guitar Channel is present on site, I make a debriefing of this German stay. Spoiler : it

42 Gear Street, full video report and interviews of the second day of the event #42GSFour

As intense and tiring as the first day was, Friday, August 19, 2022 was a blast. Everyone is starting to find their marks, all 3 studios are shooting videos at full speed for this 42 Gear Street event! Summary of the full article reserved for premium subscribers : Full video report of the day Interview

42 Gear Street, full video report and interviews of the first day of the event

Thursday, August 18, 2022 was the first official day of the 42 Gear Street event. Henning Pauly called this day the "brand day". This means that the brands book the studios with the people they want to present the products. So I found myself in two videos, one organized by Andy Ferris aka The Guitar

42 Gear Street, launch of the Henning Pauly event and full visit of the amazing video studios

Just back from vacation, I'm back on the road with my camera in hand to answer the invitation of German youtuber Henning Pauly (aka EytschPi42 on YouTube). Here is the report of the launch of the 42 Gear Street event which officially starts tomorrow until Sunday. Summary of this article: a visit of Henning's three

Met in Padova during the Padova Guitar Show, Paolo Lardera is the luthier of BlackBeard Guitars ( I fell in love with his rather rootsy guitars made from reclaimed wood. The instruments I picked up are excellent and very resonant. Paolo Lardera interview Photo album Until the next interview, keep on playing the guitar! Pierre

Alberto Arcangeli is an Italian boutique builder who makes excellent handmade pickups under his brand Dreamsongs Pickups ( He was one of the exhibitors of the 2022 edition of Padova Guitar Show. Here he is in interview to present his latest products. Alberto Arcangeli interview Until the next interview, keep on playing the guitar! Pierre

Allen Hinds ( is an amazing musician, already met at NAMM 2019, here he is this time in an interview at his home right after NAMM 2022. The shooting of this guitar in hand interview took place in his Laurel Canyon house in Los Angeles. His brand new album The Good Fight will normally be

Mike Stern in top form: report, interviews, sound check and concert excerpts

Mike Stern ( was in France for two concerts, one at the superb Théâtre des 2 Rives in Charenton, near Paris, and one at the Guitaralde festival in Hendaye (, organized by Jean-Marie Ecay. Already met in Canada during the 2018 Montreal Jazz Festival, I was delighted to meet Mike Stern again. Here is the

Interview Pete Thorn at NAMM 2022
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Pete Thorn interview at NAMM

It is on Blue Cat Audio booth that I met Pete Thorn during the NAMM 2022. It is always a pleasure to interview this musician who is as busy on the stage around the world as he is on YouTube. Pete Thorn interview NAMM Reports & Interviews Until the next interview or gear review, keep

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Here are all the interviews done on SUnday, May 21, 2022, the second and last day of the Italian Guitar Show Padova (, which is held near Venice. The interviews for the previous day are in this article. Interviews of the day Interviewees of the day Riccardo Gioggi Marco Omar Viola - MOV Guitars Luca

Here are all the interviews done on Saturday, May 20, 2022, the first day of the Italian Guitar Show Padova (, which is held near Venice, Italy. The interviews for the next day are in this article. Interviews of the day Interviewees of the day Alberto Arcangeli - Dreamsongs Pickups Andrea Ballarin - Manne Guitars

Bryan Galloup boutique guitar builder interview at the NAMM 2022

Bryan Galloup is not only a high-end boutique guitar builder, he is also the founder of the Galloup School of Lutherie ( Here is in an interview during the NAMM 2022 in the middle of the Boutique Guitar Showcase area where he was exhibiting. Bryan Galloup interview Until the next interview, keep on playing the

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Boutique Guitar Showcase NAMM 2022 interview with Jamie Gale

Jamie Gale, creator and curator of the Boutique Guitar Showcase, was of course present at NAMM 2022. Again the selection of guitar builders was awesome. Here is an interview to have some kind of state of the union of boutique guitar making. Jamie Gale interview Until the next interview, keep on playing the guitar! Pierre

NAMM 2022, the 13 interviews done on Saturday, from Jay Leonard J to Nathaniel Murphy

Here are all 13 interviews from Saturday, June 4, 2022 at NAMM in one article. You will find some of the best luthiers in the world, as well as two phenomenal musicians. Enjoy! This day was a great illustration of the fact that it is the meetings that make the most of the interest of

NAMM 2022, Fryday interviews, Mark Lettieri, Avi Shabat, Pete Thorn, Rhett Shull and 17 others!

Friday, June 3, 2022 was the first day of this 3-day NAMM 2022. It seemed as if everyone had been waiting for the opening of this event for 29 months since the last Winter NAMM was in January 2020, just before the whole world came to an abrupt stop. In short, this Friday was intense

Luthier Isaac jang interview in his new workshop in Aslhambra, Los Angeles

Isaac Jang ( is a luthier that I already had the opportunity to introduce to you. He builds very high end acoustic guitars. Here he is in his new workshop in the Alhambra district of Los Angeles. Don't miss Isaac's workshop visit in this article. Isaac jang interview Until the next interview, keep on playing

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Isaac Jang workshop visit in downtown Alhambra, Los Angeles

Luthier Isaac Jang ( recently moved his workshop. He moved from his tiny studio in an alley off Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles to a larger space in Alhambra, another neighborhood in Los Angeles. Here's a tour of the beautiful place where Isaac builds his incredible acoustic guitars. The visit of the previous workshop is

NAMM 2022 - Full video and photo report of the Sunday

As the NAMM 2022 was only 3 days long, Sunday was the third and last day of the show. Here is the full report in photo and video of this day at the Anaheim Convention Center. The interviewees of the day are Jamie Gale, curator of the Boutique Guitar Showcase and Bryan Galloup. Sunday at

It's been in the works for a while, it's now official, Andy Powers, the master builder and guitar designer is now, in addition, the president of Taylor Guitars ( Previous president Bob Taylor and CFO Kurt Listug remain involved with the company. Here is an interview with Andy Powers done during NAMM 2022 where he

NAMM 2022 - Full video and photo report of the Saturday

Saturday at the NAMM 2022 was an amazing with a lot of visitors. It felt really good to see this joyous crowd throughly enjoying the guitar show! No less than thirteen interviews to bring you the information straight from the show floor. NAMM 2022 Saturday report Interviewees of the day Andy Powers from Taylor Guitars

Black Volt Amplification, Giovanni Loria interview during the NAMM

Against all expectations (at least for some people, but except me!) this first day of the NAMM 2022 post-pandemic version was great! A lot of people from 10:00 in the morning until closing time. On the content side, no less than 11 interviews to be found in the report below. NAMM 2022 - Day 1