Demos of the most beautiful electric guitars at Sound Messe 2023 in Osaka, Japan

At the Sound Messe show in Osaka, Japan, there were some incredible electric guitars. I've selected 13 of them for you to listen to, 10 of them Japanese, 2 American and 1 French. The recording setup was the same for all the guitars: a simple audio interface, the Zoom AMS-44 and Axiom V2 from Blue

Bizen Guitars luthier interview - 2019 Sound Messe Osaka

During the Sound Messe Osaka, I had the eye attracted by the work of the luthiers of Bizen Guitars ( who propose their version of the Les Paul with an extremely neat lutherie work. Here's a video interview with one of the luthiers building the guitars. Bizen Guitars interview Until the next interview, keep on