Demo BRe03 Light BR Guitares by luthier Adrien Bernard-Reymond

It was at MIGS 2023 that I recorded this demo of the BRe03 Light from BR Guitares ( I love the unconventional lines of luthier Adrien Bernard-Reymond design. He doesn't hesitate to depart from the usual canons of electric guitar. In short, I loved this guitar! BRe03 Light BR Guitares demo Recording setup: Until the

MIGS 2023: the finest electric guitars on demo
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MIGS 2023: the finest electric guitars demoed

At the second edition of the Montreux International Guitar Show ( there were some phenomenal electric guitars on display from luthiers from all over Europe. Below is a very personal selection of the 18 instruments that caught my eye… and my ear! Guitars demoed The recording setup was the same for all the guitars: my