One of the advantages of covering far-flung guitar shows like the Sound Messe Osaka is that you can hear instruments that can only be found there. Here are some awesome luthier guitars recorded with a simple Zoom UAC-232 audio interface and Blue Cat Audio's Axiom for amp and effects emulation. Guitars demoed in this article:

Interview with guitar designer Kazuma "Kaz" Tanabe from Oopegg Guitars ( at the Sound Messe ( in Osaka, Japan. As a bonus, following the interview, you'll get a demo of the Trailbreaker presented by the craftsman. Kazuma Tanabe interview Until the next interview or gear review, keep on playing the guitar! Pierre Journel. For more

For this year's NAMM Show, I had once again brought with me all I needed to do a quality recording session on a tube amp. As last year, I did these tests on the joint stand of German guitars Tausch ( and American amplifiers Eddie Wang ( Guitars played: Configuration: NAMM 2024 Guitar Sessions Until

Demos of the most beautiful electric guitars at Sound Messe 2023 in Osaka, Japan

At the Sound Messe show in Osaka, Japan, there were some incredible electric guitars. I've selected 13 of them for you to listen to, 10 of them Japanese, 2 American and 1 French. The recording setup was the same for all the guitars: a simple audio interface, the Zoom AMS-44 and Axiom V2 from Blue