Pedal Review – Xotic Soul Driven signature Allen Hinds

Xotic ( is a brand highly known for its boost pedals and its overdrives in the forefront of which we find the BB Preamp which pursues an endless career on many pedals around the world. The Xotic Soul Driven is a signature overdrive pedal designed for the musician Allen Hinds.

Xotic Soul Driven signature Allen Hinds video

What I liked

  • A creamy sound with a lot of amplitude
  • The effectiveness of the Mid Boost setting
  • Same for Tone setting
  • The bluish mirror looks great
  • Internal settings to change the frequency response

What I liked least

  • You must touch the volume knob at each setting


It is striking that the Soul Driven sounds so good that in comparison the BB Preamp sounds a little narrow! The Xotic Soul Driven has a lot of body even with extreme settings, it's always a treat to play with this pedal engaged.

The fatal weapon of Sould Driven is really the Mid Boost control which is frighteningly effective. Do not think of going to Death Metal territory anywaythinking you can achieve a Mid Scoop with this pedal, no! But with with the Tone control also very effective, the Mid Boost will give you a beautiful palette of sounds.

Until the next gear review or interview, keep on playing the guitar!

Pierre Journel.

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