The use of spread triads in composition and an example with Heartfell from Allen Hinds

The spread triads are a technique much used by Eric Johnson and Allen Hinds ( The principle is simple: the 3rd note of the triad is shifted upwards by an octave. This gives a more airy impression of the triad compared to when it is heard in its normal form. The MI initial sequence by

Joseph Yun, guitar in hand interview at the Musicians Institute Hollywood

Thanks to my luthier friend Isaac Jang, I was able to meet Joseph Yun (, a young talented guitar players. As he is a former student of the Musicians Institute Hollywood, we recorded this guitar in hand interview in the school. Joseph Yun interview guitar in hand The Guitar Channel podcast with Joseph Yun The

Interview and visit of the Musicians Institute in Hollywood - Los Angeles

The Musicians Institute (pronounced MI if you want to be cool) in Los Angeles in the Hollywood district is a place many if not all guitarists are fantasizing about so great is the reputation of this music school. Formerly known as the Guitar Institute of Technology, this school has seen many famous students like Paul

Paul Roberts interview - Instructor at the Musician Institute Guitar Craft

The Musician Institute is a well-known music school in Los Angeles, but it does not only train musicians, there is also a section dedicated to the training of instrument makers and workers in this industry.