Hubert Hochleitner interview (Hoovi Deeflexx) at the 2016 Musikmesse

Here's a Hubert Hochleitner interview, inventor of the Deeflexx, done during the 2016 Musikmesse.

Test drive of the Deeflexx during a concert and rehearsal
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Test drive of the Deeflexx during a concert and rehearsal

Through the partnership with Deeflexx which is a Pro Backstage Pass owner, The Guitar Channel is able to have Backstage Pass owners to test drive the products using their own gear and in a real situation rather than simply in a guitar store. Here's the full testimony from José.

Deeflexx website:

Here's a picture of José playing his Telecaster and experimenting for the first time the Deeflexx during the Gear Afternoon #1.

Deeflexx test drive by José
As a Backstage Pass owner on The Guitar Channel I was able to test a Deeflexx product live in a bar.

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Gear Afternoon #1: a great guitar moment

On Saturday, I organized a Gear Afternoon to spend some quality time in a rehearsal studio with some fellow backstagers playing and testing each other's pieces of gear (guitars, pedals, amps, etc.). It was a lot of fun to have this Special Event in this unstructured format.
Album photo of this Gear Afternoon
Here are some photos taken during this afternoon.

Pro Backstager announcement: HooVi Deeflexx
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Pro Backstager announcement: HooVi Deeflexx

Name : HooVi
Type : Company
Web :
e-mail : info(a)
The Deeflexx Systems invented by HooVi solve the problem of the sound diffusion from guitar amps. The highly engineered Sound Deflection System is just to be placed in front of any guitar amp to enhance the sound and get rid of the shrill sound coming from the speaker cone.
Without the Deeflexx: the sound is not distributed evenly, shrill and dull zones

With the Deeflexx: spherical sound distribution, fat and clear sounding amp

The Deeflexx products
In the range of products proposed by HooVi, you will find 3 models.

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