Hubert Hochleitner interview (Hoovi Deeflexx) at the 2016 Musikmesse

Here's a Hubert Hochleitner interview, inventor of the Deeflexx, done during the 2016 Musikmesse. Hubert was there as a visitor, a perfect opportunity to get him in front of the camera and do this interview.

Hoovi Deeflexx website:

Hubert Hochleitner interview

Deeflexx description

The Deeflexx Sound Deflection Systems are the result of a 30 years struggle looking for the best monitoring and to find solutions for guitarists seeking advice.

Countless attempts to build guitar rigs combining guitar cabs and wedges, or using sound shields, beam blockers or amp stands could never satisfy the players HooVi would have liked to help. All those methods change the character of the amp in some way! Not the Deeflexx systems.

Beam of speaker without Deeflexx - HooViWithout the Deeflexx Beam of speaker splitted with Deeflexx - HooViWith the Deeflexx

The Deeflexx splits up the beam in smallest portions and spreads it across the entire stage – a perfect sound for the player, audience and techs. You will hear your guitar fat and clear everywhere around your amp – no dull or shrill zones any more.

Watch the short video clips to see how it works on this page.

Different use cases of the Deeflexx

The Deeflexx can be used on all the major sizes of guitar amp as well as bass and acoustic amp.

1x12 amp Deeflexx C HooVi1x12 amp 2x12 amp Deeflexx C HooVi2x12 amp Acoustic amp Deeflexx C HooViacoustic amp FRFR cab Deeflexx C HooVifrfr cabinet Bass amp Deeflexx C HooVibass amp Bass amp 4x10 Deeflexx C HooVi4x10 bass cab

Until the next interview, keep on playing the guitar!


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