Test drive of the Deeflexx during a concert and rehearsal

Through the partnership with Deeflexx which is a Pro Backstage Pass owner, The Guitar Channel is able to have Backstage Pass owners to test drive the products using their own gear and in a real situation rather than simply in a guitar store. Here's the full testimony from José.

Deeflexx website: www.hoovi.at

Here's a picture of José playing his Telecaster and experimenting for the first time the Deeflexx during the Gear Afternoon #1.


Deeflexx test drive by José

As a Backstage Pass owner on The Guitar Channel I was able to test a Deeflexx product live in a bar. It was done on February 19th for a concert with my band NOBUG'S in front of a hundred people. My amp is not miked up. It's a Traynor YCV20WR all tubes 15W.

To be honest, I never heard me (also my friends have had the same impression) with a sound as "smooth", not aggressive at all and playing less loud than usual.

Test drive of the Deeflexx during a concert and rehearsal

I moved around on the (small) stage and in the audience and the result was each time excellent. People could distinctly hear the guitar, without the garish side can have an amp to a certain volume. At the end of the concert, I had lots of compliments about the sound quality of the guitar.

I thought it was a good product but I wanted to test it in rehearsal because we play quite loud too. It was done a week later. In fact, I was forced to turn down the volume while discovering a better sound quality. Cleaner, very concluding test. It is true that the price tag is high, but I bought the unit because I am always in search of the sound to which I aspire, it seems to be an indispensable device.


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