United Guitars #4, report on the sound check and concert at New Morning in Paris

The concert for volume 4 of the United Guitars (united-guitars.fr) project took place on Monday December 4th at the New Morning in Paris, with no fewer than 24 guitarists taking to the stage in succession! Ludovic Egraz and Olivia Rivasseau brilliantly rose to the challenge. A huge bravo to them and to all the musicians

Fred Walecki, interview with the legendary boss of Westwood Music in LA - Archives Treasury

Back in 2017, right after NAMM, thanks to my good friend luthier Isaac Jang, I was able to meet a local legend in the Los Angeles area, Fred Walecki who managed Westwood Music for more than 40 years. Here he is telling incredible stories of the guitar business world. Fred Walecki interview Until the next

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The ultimate resonator guitar comparison by Benjamin Guillet

Benjamin Guillet (YouTube channel) is a talented French musician really into resonator guitar. And I mean he is REALLY into resonator guitar!! Check out the amazing videos he recorded with many instruments Benjamin Guillet video on resonator guitars Brands / Luthiers tested by Benjamin Recording setup Benjamin Guillet guitar tab book By the way, Benjamin

Alexandr Misko interview at the Guitar Summit in Mannheim, Germany

Russian musician Alexandr Misko (alexandrmisko.com) has now settled permanently in Germany. He was one of the acoustic guitarists featured at Guitar Summit. Here we interview him to get the latest news on this talented musician with a world of his own. Alexandr Misko interview Until the next interview or gear review, keep on playing the

Robert Cray interview in Paris
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Robert Cray interview in Paris

Back in May 2014, Robert Cray was in Paris to promote his latest album "In My Soul".