Michihiro Matsuda interview – A living legend of guitar building

There were so many great guitar builders in Berlin for the Holy Grail Guitar Show that it was a tough job to do a selection. Here's a Michihiro Matsuda interview. He is one of the guitar luthier I really wanted to interview because many of my guitar builder friends told me I HAD to interview him.

Michihiro Matsuda interview

Michihiro brought this one cool guitar prototype at the show (see pic below).

Michihiro Matsuda guitar at the 2014 Holy Grail Guitar Show


Subjects discussed in the interview

  • His first guitar
  • His training as a guitar builder
  • How he became a luthier with Ervin Somogyi
  • A full description of the guitar prototype he brought to the show
  • What he thought about the Holy Grail Guitar Show

Until the next interview at the Holy Grail Guitar Show or elsewhere, keep on playing the guitar!,

Pierre Journel.

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