Steve Lukather interview about Transition, a great solo album

For the release of his solo album Transition I had the pleasure to meet Steve Lukather ( for a video interview. I have fond memories of playing over and over a VHS tape (yes, I am that old) where Steve explained his licks so you can imagine I was quite thrilled to meet the man himself.

Subjects discussed during the interview

  • His new guitar, the Luke III from Ernie Ball Music Man
  • The recording of his latest solo album Transition (which I think is great)
  • His guitar playing over the years
  • His current projects
  • And many more

Video interview - Steve Lukather

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Podcast - Audio version - Steve Lukather interview

Audio version of the interview available in the podcast and below:

Extracts from Transition played in the audio version

  • Transition
  • Creep Motel
  • Rest Of The World
  • Smile (the superb instrumental song we talked about in the interview)


Until the next interview, keep on playing the guitar!

Pierre Journel.

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