JD Simo interview with a vintage Gibson Les Paul in hand

JD from the power trio JD Simo was in Paris for the very first time for their first tour in Europe as a promotional tour for the release of their album Let Love Show The Way which will be released in January 2016. Here's a new interview with that young musician who already has a long pro career behind him.

JD Simo interview

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JD Simo website: simo.fm

JD Simo - Let Love Show The Way

Subjects discussed in the 25min interview

  • A short improvisation to start the interview
  • His first guitar
  • His training and influences
  • How he met Joe Bonamassa
  • The difference between the real 1960 Les Paul Standard he plays live and a modern one
  • How was the Let Love Show The Way album was recorded
  • His recipe to get his tone
  • An extract from the soundcheck
  • And many more!

JD Simo gear

You can't get simpler (and probably much better) than that: an authentic 1960 Les Paul Standard sunburst straight in a 1969 Superlead Marshall.

JD SImo Les Paul 1960 - The Guitar Channel

Marshall 1969 Superlead - The Guitar Channel

Marshall 1969 Superlead - The Guitar Channel

Until the next interview, keep on playing your guitar... even if it's not an authentic Les Paul burst!

Pierre Journel.

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