Jessica Lynn interview: Country music singer and guitar player

Jessica Lynn is a Country music singer and guitar player who tours a lot in Europe. We did this audio interview while she was right in the middle of a big European tour.

Subjects discussed

  • Her first guitar
  • Her influences
  • How she went into Country music
  • The process she uses to write a song
  • The experiences she had from the road
  • Her next projects

Jessica Lyn video clip - Not Your Woman

Jessica Lynn is often referred to as the ‘new’ Shania of pop-country and one can easily see why. A genuine love for upbeat, positive songs, brought with a fresh approach and tons of personality. Her new EP, featuring the new single ‘Crazy Idea’ is being picked up by radios in Europe and UK alike and is sure to become a crowd favourite at live shows.

Until the next interview, keep on playing the guitar!


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