BeatBuddy interview with the CEO David Packouz

Here's a BeatBuddy interview with the CEO David Packouz during the 2016 Winter NAMM. The company which founded David has launched a drum machine pedal which allows any guitar player to play along a rich drum track which he can control right from his pedalboard. For us guitar players who are not usually very good at playing in rhythm (let's admit it), the BeatBuddy is a super cool tool to play and to practice. Plus it's much more fun to play to a cool drum track than with a metronome.

BeatBuddy website:

BeatBuddy interview with the CEO David Packouz

In the Paris, France area and want to try the BeatBuddy? A Backstage Pass benefit!

In fact The Guitar Channel has a review unit available to all the people in the Paris, France area and with an active Backstage Pass. The pedal has already been tried several times by backstagers who are very happy to have the opportunity to experience themselves this piece of gear.

Two conditions to borrow the pedal:

  • You have to live in the Paris, France area (to avoid shipping charges)
  • Your Backstage Pass must be valid

Contact me by mail if you are interested to get the pedal for a maximum of 2 weeks.

BeatBuddy drum machine pedal with external footswitch

Until the next interview during the NAMM or elsewhere, keep on playing the guitar!


PS: note that the interview is available for all because BeatBuddy has a Pro Backstage Pass.

Pro Backstage Pass badge on The Guitar Channel

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