Brian Wampler (@wamplerpedals) interview - 2017 Winter NAMM

It's becoming a well-established tradition to do an interview at the NAMM with Brian Wampler, boss of the pedals of the same name. Indeed, this is the third time that this happens. Not only are the Wampler pedals of excellent quality but in addition Brian is a businessman who does not hesitate to talk about his trade in a very open way.

Brian Wampler interview, founder of Wampler Pedals at the 2016 NAMM show

Here's a Brian Wampler interview done during the 2016 Winter NAMM show. It's always a pleasure to meet and interview Brian as he is very open about sharing information about his work in the pedal domain.

Wampler website:
The 2016 NAMM Wampler booth

Brian Wampler interview

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Brian Wampler is always ready to embrace new tools to engage with guitar aficionados. He is now on Snapchat, add him in your friend list, it's worth it.

Pedal Review: shoutout Wampler Plextortion, Celmo Pimento, Tanabe Dumkudo
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Pedal Shootout – Wampler Plextortion, Celmo Pimento, Tanabe Dumkudo

Here's a pedal shootout to make a comparison between the Wampler Plextortion, the Celmo Pimento and the Dumkudo. 3 very different pedals to add overdrive or distorsion (in the case of the Plextortion) to your pedalboard. Wampler comes from the US, Celmo is built in France and is built in Japan.

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Pedal Shootout: pedalboard
The cab simulation and power amp section is done by the Torpedo CAB Two-Notes.

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Brian Wampler interview – 2015 Winter NAMM

I use a Plextortion pedal on my pedalboard for the heavy guitar sounds so while at the NAMM I jumped on the opportunity to interview Brian Wampler the founder of Wampler Pedals.