LNA FX pedals - Presentation an demo by Marwan Boulaïd in Puteaux

Presentation and demonstration of four pedals guitars by LNA FX (lnafx.com) by musician Marwan Boulaïd (marwanboulaidmusic.com) in the presence of the builder Stéphane Ellena. TM Lutherie demo concert Sound, video and edit: Philippe Camus The Guitar Channel podcast The audio version of the video is available in the podcast on iTunes, Spotify and below: About the

There is only the best gear regarding  attenuators and speaker/mic simulators in The Guitar Channel showroom in Paris for recording gear reviews, for Guitar in Hand interviews and for live broadcasts every Friday night. Reminder on attenuators and simulators The gear presented in this article has two distinct functions: Attenuator: to reduce the electrical power

Here's a review of a great distortion pedal built by LNA Effects in France for the great French guitar player Patrick Rondat.

 The pedalboard used for the review
The LNA pedal was inserted on my regular pedalboard for the review.