Julia Hofer and Ferdinand Rikkers interview - EGB Community Build

On the occasion of the Holy Grail Guitar Show in 2018, the European Guitar Builders (europeanguitarbuilders.com) association launched a project to build instruments for several female musicians. Here is the interview with bassist Julia Hofer and luthier Ferdinand Rikkers (rikkersgitaarbouw.nl) to talk about the bass designed and built in the framework of this EGB Community

Tora Dahle Aagård interview about the album

Discovered through her endorsement by French luthier Tom Marceau from Marceau Guitars (marceauguitars.com), Norwegian singer and guitarist Tora Dahle Aagård is the guest of this interview. it was conducted via Skype a few days before the release of her album Girls. In this record she manages to offer an amazing cocktail that mixes a modern

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Joanne Shaw Taylor goes Wild – Video interview

Joanne Shaw Taylor is a British musician now installed in the United-States who proposes a powerful Blues with her soulful voice and great guitar playing. Her latest album titled Wild is excellent.