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Zane Carney masterclass video – Part 3/4 #Backstage

Here’s the third part out of four of the 2 plus hour masterclass Zane Carney gave in Paris at Guitars Addicts on June 25th, 2014.

The first part is here, the second here and the fourth here.



Here’s the second part out of four of the 2 plus hour masterclass Zane Carney gave in Paris at Guitars Addicts on June 25th, 2014.

The first part is here, the third here and the fourth here.



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Zane Carney masterclass video – Part 1/4

Here's the first part out of four of the 2 plus hour masterclass Zane Carney gave in Paris at Guitars Addicts on June 25th, 2014.

The second part is here, the third here and the fourth here.



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Watch Zane Carney masterclass in Paris

None other than Zane Carney to host the first masterclass organized by The Guitar Channel. Zane is a guitarist who has been with John Mayer for a while and also pursuing his own solo career. With a huge background in Jazz, his knowledge of music is enormous.

I believe I first heard about Chris Sherland on the Six String Bliss guitar podcast. I read his book, Lead Guitar From The Inside Out and spent quite a lot of time with my iPad to get the most out of it. Here's an interview I did with Chris.

I really enjoyed reading this e-book with my guitar in hands.

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Ivano Icardi interview: all the passion of Italy on a Stratocaster

I interviewed Ivano Icardi in this episode to talk about "Walking With The Giants", here he comes again with a new video clip for his song "To you", a few videos to learn some of his tricks and his full album in backing tracks.

How to play like Ivano
In this series of video, Ivano shows how to play key parts of his album at regular speed and then at slow speed.

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Here are the 12 backing tracks from Ivano Icardi's album "Walking with the Giants" : 75 Mb zip file

Please note that the file also includes an e-book with chord charts and transcriptions.

To allow you to study his music, Ivano has published on YouTube a series of cool videos where he shows at normal speed then at slow speed some key parts of his music.

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Masterclass App

We lost count of the smartphone/tablet applications that promise to teach you guitar. Unfortunately for many of them , the promise is far from being held. With Guitar Masterclass , it is a more pragmatic approach: learn to play the guitar popular songs.

The application does not promise you you will play like a god in 10 lessons or improvise like an old jazzman in 2 days , no. It shows you how to play in video a popular song on the guitar from beginning to end .

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As a complement for Ivano Icardi interview in this episode, here is a bonus package with two full backing tracks with chord charts and transcriptions in PDF :

Funky Mama
The Snatch (in video below)

Link to the 79 Mb zip file

List of files in the 73 MB zip file:

1 - Funky Mama - Backing Track.wav
2 -The Snatch - Backing Track.wav
Funky Mama - Chord Chart.pdf
Funky Mama - Lick.pdf
Funky Mama - Main Riff.pdf
The Snatch - Chord Chart.pdf
The Snatch - Main Theme.pdf
The Snatch - Solo.pdf


Here's the backing track for Racing the World coming from Steve himself.

You want to get the original backing track from Racing the World from Steve Vai for free, listen to his 2009 interview and benefit from the advantages described below? Get The Guitar Channel Backstage Pass!

Racing the World BT (1min extract) - Steve Vai

You want to get this backing track?
Get the Backstage Pass to download it and watch all the videos

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Backing Track – “Takeoff !” Poppy Street #Backstage

Here's a backing track related to the interview in French of Franck Grazziano in episode #210 where he talks about his great instrumental album with Poppy Street.

Link to the backing track for Takeoff !

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David Wallimann
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Backing Track – “Dorian Floyd” David Wallimann

Here's the bonus for episode #211 with David Wallimann interview : Dorian Floyd, a great free backing track to practice your Dorian mode and minor blues scale.

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Backing track – “Drive” Yossi Sassi

The Backstage bonus for the interview of Yossi Sassi is the original backing track for the song called Drive

Link to the backing track for Drive in MP3 format
Zip file with all the backing tracks from 2013

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Backing tracks archives

2014 backing tracks
+ Ivano Icardi "Walking with the Giants" full album (75 Mb)
2013 backing tracks (link to the 44,5 MB ZIP file)
+ Dance of the Aristocrats - The Aristocrats (interviews Guthrie Govan and Bryan Beller)
+ Gary's Gone - Fred Chapellier (interview in French in episode #203)
+ Takeoff !

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