Guitar Masterclass: learn popular songs on the guitar with your iPhone/iPad

We lost count of the smartphone/tablet applications that promise to teach you guitar. Unfortunately for many of them , the promise is far from being held. With Guitar Masterclass , it is a more pragmatic approach: learn to play the guitar popular songs.

The application does not promise you you will play like a god in 10 lessons or improvise like an old jazzman in 2 days , no. It shows you how to play in video a popular song on the guitar from beginning to end . Simple and effective.

We all started playing guitar like that, by asking a friend to show us how to play Everybody Hurts by REM , Highway To Hell AC / DC or any other worldwide hit . With this iOS app it's a French pro guitar player, Yann Armelino who will be your "friend" to guide you .

Main features of the application

  • € 1.79 Universal app iPad / iPhone (iTunes link)
  • 3 free songs included
  • € 0.89 each additional song
  • multi-angle video shooting
  • slow motion
  • ability to flip for left hand players
  • fast switching between he Masterclass version and the original
  • chordsdiagram
  • rewind 10s
  • navigation in the structure of the song ( intro, verse, chorus , etc.)

Important Note : In order to switch from the version of Yann Armelino to the original version , you must have it in your iTunes library. If this is not the case, the application offers to acquire.

The application on the iPhone:

Guitar Masterclass app

What I liked

  • The pragmatic and effective approach of the application
  • The ability to switch with a tap from the original to the version of the app
  • The well-designed interface of the application : not a lot of features but well implemented
  • The immediate use for a beginner
  • Video quality
  • The fidelity of video versions played by Yann Armelino

What I liked least

  • The necessarily limited nature of this type of learning but with which you can have fun right away


If you are a complete beginner or you simply want to expand your repertoire of songs, with Guitar Masterclass and Yann Armelino as a teacher you have a solution that works great. Mission accomplished for this application which fully plays its role in a very well done format with top level content.

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