Pedal Review – Anasounds Lazy Comp, a plug and play compressor

The compressor is an effect that is always a bit intimidating because of the number of parameters often: attack time, release time, compression ratio, output volume, etc. That's why Alexandre Ernandez, the designer of Anasounds, made the choice with this Lazy Comp pedal to propose a compressor with ... one button!

The parameter controlled by this single button is the percentage of mixing between direct sound and compressed sound. In the pedal there are two additional parameters, the compression ratio and the output volume.

Lazy Comp video review

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The review is also available in audio format in the podcast feed and below:

On the photo below you can clearly see the two internal trimpots to adjust the ratio and the output volume of the compressor. A third trimpot is there to adjust the intensity of the LED:

Review setup

What I enjoyed the most

  • Ease of use
  • The sounds
  • Manufacturing quality
  • The look

What I enjoyed the least

  • Impossible to adjust quickly the output level


Anasounds signs with this Lazy Comp a very cool pedal. Are you one of the people who want to use a compressor without headache? The Lazy Comp is for you! This pedal sounds particularly well with humbucker pickups even if it also works with single coils.

My preferred setting was between 50% and 75% to have a strong impact of the effect. The only fault I found with this pedal is that by adjusting the external parameter I often wanted to adjust a bit the volume of output that is accessible only internally.

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Until the next gear review, keep on playing the guitar!


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