Backstage Gear Tours

Test high end guitar gear at home during one week

The idea of the Backstage Gear Tours is to allow the Backstage Pass owners to test a piece of gear at home on their gear, in their familiar environment with their sonic references they are used to. As we all know, there's a world of difference in trying a piece of gear in a music compared to doing it at home.

Here's how it works: The Guitar Channel sends the gear to the first backstager who tests the equipment at home for a week who will then send the piece of gear to the next and so on until the return to the headquarters of The Guitar Channel.

  • Purpose: to circulate gear among the certified backstagers (via the certification program)
  • Loan length: up to one week
  • Reception of the gear: Free
  • Sending the gear to the next tour step: at the expense of the backstager

The loaned gear within the Backstage Gear Tours is provided by Pro Backstage Pass holders. For these companies this is a great opportunity to have their gear tested under optimum conditions by guitar enthusiasts.

To limit the shipping cost, the tours happen only in metropolitan France. Sending a pedal in France in Colissimo costs about € 10.

The rules to follow

  • Respect loaned gear
  • Sending to the next step on time
  • Post to choose a photo and / or video and / or article about your test on the private community and on social networks

Ongoing tour

Backstage Gear Tour examples

Read all the articles (in French) about the tours

You want to have your gear part of a tour ?

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