Pedal Review – Drive Recovery Thrilltone overdrive Made in France

It's not everyday that you get to review a French overdrive pedal based on a new fully analog technology. The Drive Recovery Thrilltone pedal is such a product. It's a double pedal with two stages. The strong point of the pedal is the Character potentiometer which allows to go from a more open Fenderish kind of sound to a more compressed Marshall type of tones.

Drive Recovery Thrilltone

Drive Recovery Thrilltone pedal review

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What I enjoyed the most on this pedal

  • The quality of the sounds
  • The Character potentiometer which allows to go from a Fender sound to a more compressed Marshall sound
  • The two stage drive
  • The great light crunch
  • The build quality
  • The look

What I enjoyed the least on this pedal

  • The steep price (269€)


The Drive Recovery pedal from Thrilltone sounds great. No doubt about that part. In the very crowded sector of the overdrive pedals, it's very difficult to propose a new product. The two stage drive pedal is a great feature to have in a pedal because you can easily dial a rhythm tone and a lead tone on the same pedal.

The Character setting is one of the strong point of this pedal as it allows to really change the structure of the gain, going from an very dynamic type of drive to a more compressed one.

The price is probably a bit high at 269€ (around US$ 300) as you can find a lot of great overdrive pedals from established brands for a lower price.

Until the next gear review, keep on playing the guitar !

Pierre Journel.

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