2015 WInter NAMM show, here I come!

The plane ticket to for Los Angeles is booked. I just need to find me accommodation at a reasonable price for 5 nights from 21 to 26 January. If you have family or friends in L.A., please let me know!!

I'm super excited to finally go to the NAMM show. After 3 Musikmesse in Frankfurt and one trip to Berlin for the Holy Grail Guitar Show, this is the next logical step.

In case you don't know, the is the biggest fair for musical instrument industry and music production.

The expense of me going is 100% funded through the support provided by the holders of Backstage Pass. 1000 thank you to those who follow me in this crazy project than to build an independent guitar media, 100% passion and 0% ads.

Financially it's a gamble because even if the backstagers are more and more each month, with a little over 100 paying Pass sold monthly total, a budget of nearly $2,500 for 5 nights on site for one including expenses is a very big expense for the finance of The Guitar Channel.

Objectives of this Californian stay

As a reminder, since I often get asked the question, I'm all alone doing The Guitar Channel: interviews, production of all the audio and video programs, website management, community management, business development, etc. Everything. I work full time 100% on this.

Amplify your passion, go Backstage!

In short, if you hesitate to get a Backstage Pass to enjoy all the exclusive content, reductions with partners and access to the private community, it's time to go!

Thank you again to all those who support The Guitar Channel and thank you in advance to those going Backstage so this independent guitar media I started in 2009 continues to grow and amplify your passion for the guitar.


Click here for more info on the Backstage Pass.

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