Mobile guitar rig presented with Snapchat

Here's the mobile guitar rig I use when I want to play in the park right next to our house. I love to play outside on a public bench as soon as the weather starts to become warmer.

Presentation of my mobile guitar rig with Snapchat

Content of my mobile rig

  • A guitar: my Rittenhouse Telecaster in that example
  • A BB Preamp overdrive pedal from Xotic
  • A small 9v battery powered Marshall MS-2 amp
  • Optional: a Bluetooth UE Boom when I want to stream some backing track from my iPhone

Mobile guitar rig - The Guitar Channel

Add me on Snapchat for guitar snaps

I hope you found this article useful. Please let me know if you use Snapchat to post guitar snaps. I will add you right away on my account and include you in the Guitar Snapchat Directory.

My Snapchat handle is pierrejournel (App link)

Snapchat The Guitar Channel: pierrejournel

Until the next article, keep on playing the guitar!


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