Soultool Guitars - Interview Egon Rauscher - Musikmesse 2017

Here is an interview with the Swiss luthier Egon Rauscher who was one of the exhibitors of Musikmesse 2015 with his very beautiful electric guitars under the brand Soultool. Interview Egon Rauscher Until the next interview, keep on playing the guitar! Pierre Journel.

Thomas Blug interview - Bluguitar Amp1 inventor - 2019 Musikmesse

During the 2019 Musikmesse, The Guitar Channel had the pleasure of meeting the German musician and entrepreneur Thomas Blug, founder of the brand Bluguitar ( Thomas Blug interview Until the next interview, keep on playing the guitar! Pierre Journel.

Furch Guitars interview - 2019 Musikmesse

At the Musikmesse 2019, The Guitar Channel did an interview on the Furch Guitars booth to present this brand of acoustic guitar which manufactures beautiful instruments in the Czech Republic. Furch Guitars interview Until the next interview, keep on playing the guitar! Pierre Journel.

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Visit of the 2019 Musikmesse Pop-Up Market - First edition

Musikmesse great novelty for 2019, the holding of a Pop-Up Market on Saturday with a very low entry price of € 5. An excellent initiative that brought together many dealers of Vintage guitars including Mathias Jabs from Scorpions, dealers of used equipment, accessories and records. Video visit of the 2019 Musikmesse Pop-Up Market Photo Album of

Video Blogging - 2019 Musikmesse - Day 2

This is the episode of the video blogging for the second and last day that The Guitar Channel has spent in Frankfurt for this 2019 Musikmesse. Many interesting discussions with people from the guitar business and one interview with the one and only Thomas Blug, founder of Bluguitar. Vlog - 2019 Musikmesse - Friday 05/04/19

Video Blogging - 2019 Musikmesse - Day 1

This is the 7th year that The Guitar Channel makes the trip to Frankfurt in Germany for the Musikmesse . It is clear that this show has changed a lot since then and not always in the right direction. Indeed, the guitar section is now hardly a reflection of what it was. No more big

Hendrik Müller interview - The Musikmesse at the NAMM 2019

The marketing director of the Musikmesse, Hendrik Müller, was present at NAMM 2019 as an exhibitor. He explains in the interview below why he is there and what can be expected for the 2019 edition of the Frankfurt music show. Hendrik Müller interview Please note that the Musikmesse is a pro partner on The

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The wildest day of the Winter NAMM is always Saturday. It did not stop The Guitar Channel to shoot 8 (yes eight !) interviews with many incredible guests, notably a 20min video with the one and only Allen Hinds! Interviews of the day Hendrik Müller - Musikmesse Tim Pierce Curtis Fornadley - Tone Wizards Allen

2018 Guitar Summit - Preview of the 2nd edition in an interview

Last year in September was the debut edition of the Guitar Summit, a great show dedicated to all things related the six string world. From big brands to small builders, from electric guitar to acoustic, from amps to pedals and accessories, with demo concerts and masterclasses, it was all there and superbly organized. The 2018

Just look at his Wikipedia page to see how much Bruce Gaitsch career as a musician and songwriter has been and continues to be rich! It is through Michel Salandini of MIJ Slected Guitars that The Guitar Channel had the opportunity to meet this outstanding guitarist at the 2018 Musikmesse. Bruce Gaitsch interview - Musician and

2018 Musikmesse debrief: less show, more business

Still on the ICE train that brings me back from Frankfurt to Paris, I'm starting this article to debrief this 2018 edition of the Musikmesse. For those who do not know yet, the Musikmesse is a huge show gathering professionals of musical instruments and sound industry. This is not quite an event as major as

Heike Matthiesen interview recorded during the 2017 edition of the Musikmesse in Frankfurt, Germany. Heike Matthiesen interview Until the next interview, keep on playing the guitar! Pierre Journel.

2019 Winter NAMM: 5th California trip for The Guitar Channel

Each time The Guitar Channel is covering an event like a fair or a festival, we record a live report which is then available later for replay. This allows all the guitar aficionados to live the event from the inside. Here are all those videos in one playlist. Here's the list of the events covered:

Holy Grail Guitar Show
Festival Guitare Issoudun
Guitares au Beffroi
Gear Evenings organized by The Guitar Channel
Factory Tour

Video reports playlist

During those events, interviews are recorded and available
through the Backstage Pass subscription.

Despite the absence of many big brands that do not drain anymore in their wakes the artists to make demos on the booths, there were nevertheless many interesting people to meet on this 2017 Musikmesse.

Maneli Jamal interview - Musikmesse 2017

Interview of the Fingerstyle guitar player Maneli Jamal during the 2017 Musikmesse guitar show. Maneli Jamal interview Until the next interview, keep on playing the guitar! Pierre Journel.

2017 Musikmesse - Video coverage and debrief - The Guitar Channel

With the NAMM, the Musikmesse is one of the key events of the musical instrument industry and what revolves around (sound system, lights, etc.). The part reserved for the guitar is increasingly reduced year after year which diminishes the interest of coming for visitors fans of six-string. Nevertheless this fair continues to offer a great concentration of people who are present for 4 days in Frankfurt.

Alan Chaput Eventide specialist at the 2016 Musikmesse
Alan Chaput Eventide specialist at the 2016 Musikmesse

During the 2016 Musikmesse I had the pleasure to meet Alan Chaput, product specialist at Eventide.

Here's Sungha Jung interview done during the latest Musikmesse in Frankfurt. Sungha was there on the Lakewood booth to promote his signature model and play a couple of shows in Germany.

Hubert Hochleitner interview (Hoovi Deeflexx) at the 2016 Musikmesse

Here's a Hubert Hochleitner interview, inventor of the Deeflexx, done during the 2016 Musikmesse.

PhilX Musikmesse 2016

Here's an in-depth PhilX interview done at the 2016 Musikmesse in Frankfurt, Germany right after Phil got out of stage for an unplugged set.

2016 Musikmesse: a turning point edition
2016 Musikmesse: a turning point edition

Despite a significant drop in numbers of guitar exhibitors with yet new big guys absent such as Gibson, Martin, Laney and others, the 2016 Musikmesse was the occasion of many beautiful encounters.

Some pretty cool interviews with stars like Phil X (which replaced Richie Sambora on tour with Jon Bon Jovi), Sungha Jung (young Korean star of picking who has more than one billion views on YouTube) and other equally talented musicians (see list below).

The business development meetings for The Channel Guitar were particularly numerous and fruitful.

Here's a Gabor Goldschmidt interview during the 2015 Musikmesse. Gabor is the luthier at Fibenare Guitars. His guitars are played by musician like Tom Quayle who was also present at their booth to demo their instrument.

Heike Matthiesen (@gitarra) interview at the 2015 @Musikmesse

Here's an interview with classical guitar player Heike Matthiesen during the 2015 Musikmesse. It's always a pleasure to meet and talk with Heike to hear the latest news and trend in the classical guitar world.

Here's an interview with Tom Quayle done during the 2015 Musikmesse.
Subjects discussed in the interview

His first guitar
The main turning points in his career
The collaboration he has with the luthiers at Fibenare
A full description of his signature model
The next projects

Until the next video, keep on playing the guitar,


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During the 2015 Musikmesse, I had the great pleasure to meet one of the bass master Jeff Berlin for an in depth interview.

Jeff plays Mark Bass amps and Cort bass
Subjects discussed in the interview

His first guitar
The main turning point in his career
His approach to teaching
The unconventional views he has about online teaching services
His piece of advice to progress

Jeff website:

Mark Bass website:



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2015 Musikmesse interviews

Here's a teaser of the interviews recorded during the 2015 Musikmesse with this list of people:

Heike Matthiesen
Frank Gambale
Jeff Berlin
Greg Howe
Gabor Goldschmidt from Fibenare Guitars
Tom Quayle

2015 Musikmesse preview video

Until the next interview, keep on playing the guitar!


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Frank Gambale interview at the 2015 @Musikmesse

In 2014 at the Musikmesse I only had the opportunity to do a selfie with Frank, this year through the good people at DV Mark I was able to do a 30min full Frank Gambale interview with him that you can see below.
Frank Gambale interview

Subjects discussed in the Frank Gambale interview

His first guitar
The main turning points in his career
The invention of the sweeping
What remains to be said about this technique
How his gear has evolved throughout the years
The relationship with the Carvin team for his guitar
His next projects
His new online teaching website

Greg Howe interview at the 2015 Musikmesse

I already did a cool and long interview with Greg Howe but for the first time I had the pleasure to do it in video during the 2015 Musikmesse.
Subjects discussed in the interview

His comparison between the Musikmesse and the NAMM
The new amp developed with DV Mark
His new guitar with Carvin
The lastest update on the next Maragold album
His current projects


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2014 Musikmesse special edition: 5 guitar interviews

The 2014 Musikmesse was a great edition with plenty of opportunities to meet and interview influential guitar people.

Greg Koch interview (aka @Mansqwatch) at the 2014 @Musikmesse

Greg Koch interview - Greg was all over the Musikmesse 2014, from the Fishman booth to demo their new Fluence pickups, to the Fender booth and also on the big Agora stage. In this interview Greg talks about those new pickups, about this trio setup specially for the Musikmesse with Yolanda Charles on bass and vocal and Nicolas Viccaro on drums.
Greg Koch interview

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It was a blast to see him play.