MIDI pedalboards: how to choose the right one
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MIDI pedalboard: how to choose the right one

In collaboration with Blue Cat Audio (bluecataudio.com) we recorded this video to help you choose the right MIDI pedalboard for your guitar rig. From 60€ to 2 000€, the range is pretty wide so hopefully this video will help you. MIDI pedalboards shootout Pedalboard reviewed in the video (in the order in which they appear):

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MIDI tutorial: how to control the Kernom Ridge overdrive pedal via MIDI with Blue Cat Audio Remote Control

In the video below recorded in collaboration with Blue Cat Audio (bluecataudio.com), I show you how you can use their Remote Control software to change parameters on the MIDI capable overdrive pedal Kernom Ridge (kernom.com). For us mere guitar players, there is something magic in being able to remote control a pedal on our pedalboard.

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MIDI pedalboard configuration to drive your guitar software on a computer - Blue Cat Audio Review

In this CAM or CAG gear chronicle (as you prefer), we tackle with Guillaume Jeulin from Blue Cat Audio (bluecataudio.com) a subject that usually makes guitarists run away: MIDI! Don't worry, we're not going to talk about guitar synthesizers but about configuring and using a pedal board to drive via MIDI what's happening on your

In this review I present you the XTone Pro from Xsonic. This is a super cool USB 2 input audio interface which doubles as a MIDI pedalboard! Great piece of gear which works great with your favorite amp emulation software on your computer or mobile device. Disclaimer: this gear was sent to me by the