Walrus Audio Bellwether – An excellent delay pedal full of possibilities

Walrus Audio offers, with the Bellwether, a very complete analog sound delay pedal offering a delay with many possible settings. In addition to the conventional time, level and tone settings, you can activate and set a modulation and decide the subdivision in time, not to mention the tap tempo button (to determine the delay time) and the possibilities with external connections. But let's listen to the pedal to get an idea.

Walrus Audio

Walrus Audio Bellwether video review

Review setup

Guitar used : Monster Relic Strat

Universal Audio Tweed Deluxe

Sound : the base clean sound used throughout the review is provided by an Apollo Twin Universal Audio interface in which the guitar is plugged directly. The Fender Deluxe plugin is used with a touch of reverb.

Universal Audio Fender Deluxe amp plugin - The Guitar Channel

What we enjoyed the most

  • The quality of the sounds obtained
  • Very robust construction
  • The tap tempo button
  • Connection options

What we enjoyed the least

  • Big bedal which


The Bellwether is a splendid delay that makes you want to play. With 7 knobs, 2 switches, 2 foot control knobs and 6 external connectors, it's a real Swiss knife of a delay pedal that will allow you to sculpt your sound very accurately. Note that it is also possible to use it in a very conventional way as done in the video review, by simply varying the parameters until obtaining the desired sound.

Walrus Audio Bellwether

At 364€ this pedal is not cheap but the build quality and sound possibilities are up to par so give it a try if you are looking for this kind of control on your delay sound.

Until the next Gear Review, keep on playing the guitar!


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