NAMM 2018 – Relive the show as if you were onsite

There is nothing better to really understand the NAMM than to live it from the inside, that's what The Guitar Channel offers you this year through these videos recorded with the ultra wide angle Snapchat Spectacles.

Day 1 - Thursday 24/01/18

There, the NAMM has just opened its doors, it is still relatively calm:

Day 2 - Friday 25/01/18

Day 2, it gets bigger. We start with an official U2 Tribute Band that plays on the balcony of the Convention Center at 9:00 am:

Day 3 - Saturday 26/01/18

Saturday is the big day. Monstrous crowd, the amps are even louder, in short the real craziness of the Winter NAMM:

Day 4 - Sunday 27/01/18

Last day of the show, many pros have already left so the aisles become breathable again:


If you liked these videos, you'll love the HD videos of the 29 interviews made during the 2018 California trip (see list below). This year again was a very good year. I must say that I start to find my mark in this gigantic show which I try to exploit to the maximum all the immense opportunities to create interesting guitar content.

To complete the interviews, there are also more than 800 photos posted on the private community to not miss anything of the event.

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Interviews and videos

  1. Visit at Norman’s Rare Guitars
  2. Interview Mark Agnesi - Norman's Rare Guitars general manager
  3. Interview Norman Harris - Norman's Rare Guitars founder
  4. Chronicles Julien Bitoun - Los Angeles 2018
  5. Gunnar Orn - Orn Custom Guitars
  6. Isaac Jang
  7. Jamie Gale
  8. Enrico Di Donato
  9. Jean-Yves Alquier - Spécial Kickstarter
  10. Jean-Yves Alquier - La Chaîne Guitare
  11. Jean-François Alzam - Président Alquier Guitars (interview in English)
  12. Travis Lingley - Suhr
  13. Adriano Sergio - Luthier Ergon Guitars (interview in French)
  14. Adriano Sergio - Luthier Ergon Guitars (interview in English)
  15. Hugo Mermet - Luthier
  16. Tom Quayle
  17. Carl Verheyen
  18. Scott Henderson
  19. Andy Powers - Taylor Guitars - V-class bracing
  20. Muriel Anderson (interview in French)
  21. Muriel Anderson (interview in English)
  22. Les Sondiers
  23. Sean Ashe
  24. Debrief Julien Bitoun
  25. Adam Levy
  26. Mario Beauregard
  27. Serge et John de Tao
  28. Leonardo Buendia
  29. Jack and Joe Napoli - Analog Alien pedals

Youtube NAMM 2018 playlist

To follow the videos published on this edition of NAMM, here is the YouTube playlist to watch:

Until the next interview, keep on playing the guitar!

Pierre Journel.

Into guitars?

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