Line6 JTV-59: so many sounds in one guitar!

Here's my video review of the Line6 JTV-59. I recorded a while ago in French but only took the time recently to fully subtitled it in English.

Line6 website:

Line6 JTV-59 review


Line6 JTV-59: so many sounds in one guitar!

What I enjoyed the most

  • The possibility to use the JTV-59 as a standard electric guitar
  • The amazing range of sounds available at your fingertips
  • All the tuning you can dream of and more
  • The overall quality of the instrument

What bothers me

  • A bit heavy
  • So many possibilities can be overwhelming

Conclusion about the Line6 JTV-59

The progress between the very first iteration of the Variax and this version is amazing. You can now enjoy both playing a good electric guitar and access an almost limitless range of sounds right from the guitar at your fingertips. The quality of the modeled sounds is awesome. I was especially impressed when I listened back to the recording of the review.

If you need that many possibilities because you play in a cover band with a huge range of styles, the JTV-59 is an excellent choice.



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