ZZ Top documentary “That Little Ol’Band from Texas” – A must watch on ARTE TV

ARTE TV often offers great documentary that talk about music. So when it is on about the legendary Texan trio ZZ Top that is the subject, we enjoy every seconds of it! Great fan before the eternal guitarist Billy F. Gibbons who was (and still is one of my favorite guitarists), it was a blast to watch this ZZ Top documentary.

Documentary on ARTE TV

To be watched until September 19th 2019.

Documentary review

First of all, I love ZZ Top, which I have always listened to with so much pleasure. I am therefore absolutely not objective in relation to this documentary.

This precaution being taken, I must say that I enjoyed a lot this video. The editing is very well done, there are sequences on stage and interviews of the three members. We start from the very beginning of the group's history until today so we have the complete perimeter.

On the side of the gaps, we can see the total absence of sequences taken in the studio. It's a shame but it is consistent with the perspective of the group manager who has protected since the beginning the image of the group.

There is a sequence visibly shot specifically for the documentary where the band plays several of its tracks (Shuffle in C, Brown Sugar, The Barn, etc.). The pictures are superb as well as the sound.

The brand of Magnatone amp is so prominent throughout this sequence that the product placement is really visible but hey, we forgive everything to Billy!

In any case, the viewing of this documentary is quite mandatory even if we would have liked a less hagiographic treatment with external looks to the organization of the group.

Until the next blog post or interview, keep on playing the guitar!

Pierre Journel.

Into guitars?

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