Debrief after 2 months of use – Strandberg Boden Original 6

After two months of use of Strandberg Boden Original 6, an ergonomic electric guitar, it is time to give a first feedback on this instrument which incorporates a lot of innovations.

Summary of the full article

  • The positive points
  • The neutral points
  • The negative points
  • Conclusion

Positive points

Lightness: really, to play without fatigue with such a light instrument (2.4 Kg) is a pleasure that does not fade.

Sounds: you can cover a lot of sound with two pickups humbuckers with the 5 position switch. The very long course of the tone knob allows beautiful variations of sound.

Comfort of play: by its shape, you hold the Boden very easily. It may be the attraction of the novelty but I feel that I am able with this guitar to play longer and stay more concentrated.

Compact: the body is very well designed, without being a format reduced guitar travel (format I do not believe in at all), as there is no head and the lower body is shorter, we have a compact instrument with a perfectly adapted soft case.

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