Two luthiers (re)introduce the fast pickup change electric guitar

Here's an interview with two luthiers Sébastien Gavet and Godefroy Maruejouls who collaborated to develop an electric guitar system with fast interchangeable pickup system. They came to show me the first prototype some time ago, this is the video where they explain everything.

The project continues to progress as they have recently introduced a new version of the guitar with an improved system to change the pickups:

Growl Guitar - Sébastien Gavet / Godefroy Maruejouls

Growl Guitar - Sébastien Gavet / Godefroy Maruejouls

What I think of the project

The guitar interchangeable pickup system that has been tried several times in the past. The obvious example which usually comes to mind is the Ampeg guitar.

This is the first time I meet two luthiers who have tackled the problem in this way and who provide a tool to quickly change any pickups and do the sound comparison on the same instrument. This is the main advantage I found in Sebastian and Godefroy system.

Imagine that in a few seconds, literally, you can switch pickup and compare all things being equal! It thus becomes a real breeze to compare one with another P90 with another P90 or with a singlecoil or a humbucker, etc.

Here's a use case for Sébastien and Godefroye guitar: a boutique pickup builder can propose to compare his production with any industrial brand (or other boutique brand).

The downside: you have to have a complete set of pickups mounted with the system  Sébastian and Godefroy developped.

As an instrument in itself for use as a normal guitar, I am not sure if the guitar is valid as it offers way too many options for most playing situations.

In any case, I wish good luck to these two luthiers entrepreneurs who do not lack ideas.

Until the next interview, keep on playing the guitar!


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