Pedal Review – Joe Walsh Double Classic from Analog Alien: overdrive/compressor

Analog Alien ( is an American brand of boutique pedal that offers a range of products with a very original look and a beautiful palette of sounds. After the Rumble Seat (reviewed in this article) The Guitar Channel offers you to discover another cool pedal built by the Napoli brothers, the Joe Walsh Double Classic.

As its name implies it was developed for the legendary guitar player from The Eagles: Joe Walsh. It features a compressor and an overdrive which you can use simultaneously or together.

Analog Alien

Joe Walsh Double Classic pedal from Analog Alien

The double pedal in its cool and funky yellow look:

The pedal comes with a trademark lunch box and an external power supply (nice touch):

Review setup

What I enjoyed the most

  • The sounds
  • The possibility to change the routing pre/post of the compressor
  • The complementarity of the 2 effects
  • The possibility to use the compressor as a boost to push the drive and/or an amp
  • Manufacturing quality

What I enjoyed the least

  • Nothing


Analog Alien delivers another great tone machine. Each component of the JWDC works really well. The overdrive is nicely voiced and the compressor can be used as such or as a very efficient clean boost. As you can change the position of the compressor, you can either use it to push the drive further or just to get the drive sound louder.

The compressor mode is great sounding even at the highest ratio setting.

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Until the next gear review, keep on playing the guitar!


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