Backstage Gear Tour – Bellwether review by Joris

Feedback from Joris, a backstager who reviewed
the Bellwether Walrus Audio delay pedal
during a Backstage Gear Tour

Hello fellow guitar players,

Thanks to a Backstage Gear Tour, I had the pleasure to test at home the Bellwether, a delay pedal from the American boutique builder Walrus Audio (reviewed by The Guitar Channel in this article). Here's a video which will hopefully inspire you to test this pedal.

Walrus Audio

Joris video review

My feedback

Overall, the sound is very warm with a slight dark side on my gear. The Tone setting is well thought out to adjust the tone of the effect. It's very fine. I really liked the modulation part but do not overdo it. This lacks precision for my taste but analog purists will enjoy the sound.

For my part, I am used to the digital effect of Strymon. I have not tested the Bellwether with an expression pedal. The possibilities are very large with multiple settings. Strangely, I preferred it on a crunch sound than on a clear sound whereas it was the reverse on other analog delays that I could test.

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