Anasounds new pedal: the Bitoun Fuzz, a double Fuzz machine

Anasounds ( is a French boutique pedal builder with already a wide range of products from overdrive to delay, the company is now launching a new pedal, the Bitoun Fuzz. It was developed with the musician and journalist Julien Bitoun, a Fuzz connoisseur, who wanted something special. And something special they created with this Bitoun Fuzz. In fact, Alexandre Ernandez, founder and designer at Anasounds did a great job with this new pedal.

It is in fact a double fuzz as it hosts two of them inside! Hence the huge sound you can get from this pedal.


Bitoun Fuzz demo by Julien Bitoun

Julien is playing a Fender Custom Shop Jazzmaster through a Sarge Analog Outfitters amp for the demo. The FeedMe Anasounds fuzz pedal is played at the beginning for reference.

The Bitoun Fuzz photo album

The front of the pedal:

Anasounds Bitoun Fuzz

The ultra-clean inside of the Bitoun Fuzz. You can clearly see the 6 (yes SIX !) internal trim pots of the pedal. One of the trim pot is dedicated to adjust the light of the front Led. The 5 other trim pots are variables you can play to adjust the fuzz levels, bias, etc. and also the internal ring modulator:

Anasounds Bitoun Fuzz

The back of the pedal with the power supply, input and output jacks and the small hole for the screw to open the back of the pedal quiclky:

Anasounds Bitoun Fuzz

Until the next gear review, keep on playing the guitar!


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