Nik Huber: his take on varnish and paint

On this new Luthier Chronicle, I asked Nik Huber about varnish, finish and paint.

Subjects discussed

  • Nitro-cellulose versus 2 component finish
  • His take on the thickness of the finish
  • Is-it possible to hear the difference between a nitro and a 2 component finish on a solid body?
  • The development of new colours
  • His source of inspiration for new ideas
  • The story of the new metallic finish presented at the 2015 NAMM show
  • The aging of the finish oh his first guitars
Nik Huber Krautster Gold Top
An example of a Krautster II in Gold Top finish

Until the next chronicle, keep on playing your guitar and check-out your local luthier.


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