Robert Trujillo Interview Metallica: producer of Jaco Pastorius documentary

While in Montreal for the Jazz Festival, I had access to a press showing of Jaco, an excellent documentary about the late Jaco Pastorius who passed away tragically in 1987. As Robert Trujillo, bass player for Metallica, is the producer of the movie, we did an in-depth 50min interview to talk about it.

Robert Trujillo Interview Metallica: producer of "Jaco" Pastorius

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Subject discussed in the interview

  • His 1st guitar
  • His 1st bass
  • The main turning points of his career
  • How and why he got involved in the project around the documentary
  • What he discovered about Jaco while working on the movie
  • The influence of Jaco on his bass playing
  • The recording of the next Metallica album
  • When and where the movie will be available
  • And much more

What I think of the movie

Even if I am just a guitar player, I tremendously enjoyed "Jaco". The documentary is filled with great live scenes where you get to see him play a lot in various bands. That's the part I enjoyed the most with the testimony from musicians about Jaco's legacy. When you have a chance to watch it, jump on it whereas in a theater or via the DVD.

Jaco Pastorius movie

The movie website:
The crowdfunding page of the movie:

Until the next interview, keep on playing the guitar... or the bass!


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