Interview with Stanley Clarke: a bass master at the Montreal Jazz Festival

It's not that often that you get to meet and interview such a huge star like Stanley Clarke. I was supper happy to have the opportunity to do an in-depth 25min video interview with the famous bass master who was in Montreal to play at the Jazz festival.

Subjects discussed in the interview

  • His first guitar
  • What's different playing in a Jazz festival
  • His take on the effect of the Internet on the music business
  • The on-going love affair with his Alembic basses
  • His approach to composing and producing
  • How his latest album Up was recorded
  • How it was composed
  • His relationship with Stewart Copeland
  • What's left to invent in the bass world
  • His word of wisdom for musicians

Until the next show, keep on playing the guitar... or the bass!


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