Luthier Ken Parker interview – 2014 Holy Grail Guitar show

It was one of the highlight of the week-end in Berlin to do a Ken Parker interview during the Holy Grail Guitar Show. Ken is a living legend amongst guitar builders, he is as famous as he is nice to meet and easy to talk to. I really had a blast talking to him, I think it shows in the interview.

Subjects discussed in the Ken Parker interview

  • His first guitar
  • How he became a guitar builder
  • How he develop his innovative ideas
  • Why he specializes in archtop only
  • A full visit of Lucky (his own guitar he brought to the show)
  • His word of wisdom
  • And more

The video above is an extract of the interview
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Photos of "Lucky" (Ken's guitar)

Ken Parker's guitar "Lucky"

Ken Parker's guitar "Lucky"

Ken Parker's guitar "Lucky"


Ken Parker's guitar "Lucky"

On Sunday morning I arrived early at the Estrel hotel which hosted the show, very few people were there and Ken's very own guitar was there patiently waiting for someone to play her on his table. So I decided to pick it up. It was pretty cool to spend some quality time with such an instrument. You can even see my silly happy face on the selfie below I took right after that episode.

Me (Pierre Journel) and Ken Parker's guitar "Lucky"

Thanks a ton Mr Parker for being such a nice guy.

Until the next interview, keep on playing the guitar!


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