Andy Powers interview – Taylor Guitars master builder – NAMM 2016

In this interview, meet Taylor Guitars master builder Andy Powers. Meeting and getting to talk with the luthier involved in the development of all the guitars at Taylor was very interesting to understand more how a huge player in the industry like Taylor operates. In fact Taylor builds around 600 guitars per day with an unsurpassed level of quality in the industry.

Taylor Guitars

Taylor Guitars website:

Selfie with Andy Powers and Pierre Journel - NAMM 2016

Taylor master builder - Adam Powers interview

Here's the full interview with Adam Powers. You have to know that all the guitar projects from Taylor Guitars starts in Andy's workshop so he is a very important part of the company.

The Taylor booth at NAMM 2016

NAMM 2016 Taylor 12 string

NAMM 2016 Taylor GO

NAMM 2016 Taylor stage

NAMM 2016 Taylor T5

NAMM 2016 Taylor wall

NAMM 2016 Taylor hollow-body

NAMM 2016 Taylor Symphony

Until the next interview during the NAMM or elsewhere, keep on playing the guitar!

Pierre Journel.

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